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Alex Alex United States ( Couple )
8 months ago

“ Blitz through Kyoto ”

Hiro was an excellent guide. He speaks English well and has a warm and pleasant demeanor. We enjoyed his company and his passion for Japan’s history. To supplement our guided tours he brought personal material to fill in the gaps. He lives in Nara so if you are interested in a local experience I highly recommend Hiro.


Dear Alex, Thank you very much for your rave review on the tour with me. I am pleased know that the tour was satisfactory to you. I had a very pleasant day with you and Nicole too. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future. Best regards, Hiroyuki


Experience Serene Atmosphere of Ancient Capital of Nara

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Nara was an acient capital of Japan and still retains serene atmosphere in Nara Park. There are three famous historic sites in Nara city including Todaiji ...
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In search for the birth place of the Hozoin-Ryu Sojutsu Scho...

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Nara is a birth place of the Hozoin-Ryu Sojutu School of spearmanship. It was founded by Kakuzenbo Hoin In-ei who was a Buddhist monk of Kohfukuji Temple i...
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"Koyasan", Explore the history of Esoteric Buddhism and Feel...

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Koyasan is located in Kii Peninsula where almost all part of the land are covered with mountains and forest. Buddhist priest Kukai, later called Kobo Daish...
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Visiting Uji,"a place of Gokurakujodo and Matcha", and Rakut...

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Kyoto was a capital of Japan for about 1,000 years till the end of Edo period since establishment of Heian-kyo dating back to 794.Kyoto retains many histor...
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