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Carol Carol United States ( Friends )
2 weeks ago

“ Beautiful Japan ”

Akiko could not have been more personable or helpful. Her valuable stories and insights added so much to our tour. She did a wonderful job of arranging our complicated transportation which took us first to Arashiyama, the beautiful hilly area with a large garden and pond and the stunning bamboo grove that she guided us through. We then went to Sanjusangen, the temple of 1001 golden Buddha statues. Her knowledge of the various dieties and the history of the temple added so much to our experience. She then guided us through the jaw-dropping Fushimi Inari Shrine where we were immersed in color. We ended the tour with a walk through Gion Street and a delightful performance of seven Japanese cultural arts. She assisted us in getting back to our ship and made us a reservation for a Kobe beef dinner. Thank you, Akiko, for the lovely Autumn in Kyoto Tour.


Carol san, I don't know how I can thank you more for your saying so many nice things about my gjuiding. I myself am reviewing that I should have done this and that. The experiencde with you will surely help me to improve my guiding. I wish you two will enjoy your tour in Japan. It seems it will be fine through this week. I'm sure you can (could?) see Mt.Fuji. Bon voyage! Please say hello to Vivian san. Akiko