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Robert Robert Canada ( Couple )
3 days ago

“ Do not go Kimono shopping alone ! ”

We reserved Yuriko Suematsu for our search. Yuriko ( Lily ) has a wealth of knowledge as a Kimono dresser and shopper. She was exceptionally well prepared for our adventure and promptly greeted us at our Airbnb. We followed Lily through the main streets and the tiny alleys where some townhouses have been transformed into stylish boutiques. We arrived at our first destination within 15 minutes. We were welcomed by Shinichi Fujisawa at Mimuro Kimono Company. We were completely awestruck by the five floors of gorgeous Kimonos! I put on an elaborate fashion show for my husband, so he decided to try a couple on. We put three on hold and went off to lunch at Kagonoya on Karasuma Street, second floor. Lily had reserved the perfect table with a view. Lunch was great! Then,Lily brought us through the Nishiki Market, known as the Kitchen of Kyoto. We quickly stopped at one knife shop looking for a special tool our nephew asked us to get. Then at the end of the narrow stone paved market, we arrived at Ichi Man Ben to continue our search for the perfect Kimono. I was elaborately dressed several times. Lily was extremely helpful and honest with her opinion and we decided to return to Mimuro. My husband and I left with the perfect Kimonos! We were absolutely thrilled with our adventure with Lily. She has a delightful personality and her English is perfect! I would highly recommend her services since she was so well prepared. We are certain that she is an incredible asset to TripleLights Services!


Dear Debra and Bob, Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment. I am so happy to read your warmhearted long comments. Your comments encourage me a lot!! I am a kimono lover, so looking around for some nice kimono shops was fun for me. I felt really happy to see you enjoying kimono with your gentle husband. I also had a wonderful time in two kimono shops with you. (To tell the truth, I really like the kimono with some lily patterns which Mr. Fujiwara showed us the last moment. You know I am "Lily", right?)😊 I also enjoyed talking about your nice family. I really appreciate your kindness and giving me a wonderful time. Have a nice stay in Japan and see you again!! Lily

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