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John John Australia ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Comprehensive and detailed planning by Kaori resulted in an excellent tour of Kyoto ”

Kaori was a bright and bubbly guide with an excellent personality for doing what she is doing and I can understand why she is in such high demand guiding in her area. Kaori provided a private tour for my wife and I of Kyoto. This tour was extremely well planned and communicated by Kaori who made sure through her preliminary emails that she understood what it was exactly that we were looking to see in Kyoto and then made a number of extremely valid suggestions about our itinerary that provided a significantly better outcome. Kaori's english skills were were extremely good and she has travelled extensively herself. Kaori expertly steered us around the biggest crowds and showed us secret spots that the masses were yet to discover where we could wander alone through outstanding bamboo forests and visit an extraordinary temple. This was something we will never forget. Thank you Kaori for a truly memorable day in Kyoto. Best regards John & Carolyn, Australia.


Hello John! Thank you for your comment :) It was super boiling hot and humid day!! We all sooooo wet of sweat!! However I really happy you and Carolyn could enjoy the time in Kyoto ;) I am so sorry we haven’t had enough time to visit Gion at the end of the day,,,, coz I never thought we spend 2hours of time in the market and enjoy FOOD lol I was worried Carolyn knees as well but,,,, she was soooo tough!! Really respect her ;) It was beautiful and funny summer day in Kyoto!! Thank you for your cooperation!! Please let me know when you back to Japan!! I’d love to show you much more!! Love Kaori

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