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Susan Susan United States ( Family with kids )
3 weeks ago

“ Excellent day with Mari visiting relatives, learning about calligraphy. Mari has a superb ability to help everyone understand each other. ”

We had a fantastic day with Mari. First, Mari gave us a calligraphy lesson that taught us a lot in the time we had available. She is a patient teacher and has a wonderful sense of humor. We loved the calligraphy letters we drew. Mari is also knowledgeable and has an excellent ability to communicate in English and to communicate the subtle points of Japanese culture and social interactions. She was also flexible about our changing the schedule and priorities for what we did during the day--she made everything fit into the schedule and time we had. In addition, she was great in navigating the train system and helping us get to the city we were visiting without any trouble. Mari helped us visit some of our Japanese relatives, served as a translator, and helped us in general understanding the social niceties. In this, she proved exemplary. Everyone liked Mari. She made the family situation, both at the meal and gift exchange at home and in the Buddhist Temple we visited together, easy and comfortable. Her warmth, humor and intelligence helped everyone get along and facilitated our connection with relatives we did not know well and with whom we would otherwise have had a major language barrier. Mari is a joy to be with and we would love to work with her again when we are in the Kyoto area or elsewhere in Japan.