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Jaclyn Jaclyn United States ( Friends )
Very Good
1 year ago

“ Friendly and knowledgeable ”

We had Mr. Kazuhiko Goto as our tour guide in Kyoto. He speaks English very well and is knowledgeable about the places we visited. You just need to tell him in advance the places you would like to visit and explore on given days and he will advice you whether it is doable or not depending on the weather. Be aware of this long strides. (good thing we could keep up with his pace :) ) He moves around fast and knows the in and outs, shortcuts, fastest way to get to destinations. Having Mr. Kazu as our guide saved us tremendous time. Would we had ventured out on our own, we would have gotten lost many times. He is very friendly and helpful. We would definitely recommend him and take us around again on another future Japan trip.


Dear Ms.Jaclyn I appreciate your feedback. I’m very pleased that your nice group enjoyed the tour. I had great time as well showing your group around Kyoto. I'm sorry that I have made you walk a lot and I'm sorry that I walked fast. I hope that you was able to arrive at Mt.Koya successfully on your own. I sincerely hope this experience was memorable. I sincerely hope you visit Japan again and if so I would be glad to guide you again. Thank you!! Best regards, Kazuhiko Goto

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