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Maxim Maxim Germany ( Solo )
Very Good
4 weeks ago

“ Relaxed and exciting tour through Kyoto. ”

Choosing Koichi as guide is definitely a choice I do not regret. He was a very professional guide, delivering all kinds of interesting facts about the visited places and knew good viewing places to experience the shrines and temples in Kyoto in all their glory. And outside of the visits, like during travel or lunch, Koichi is also very easy to talk with. I enjoyed talking to him about various subjects. Having a guide you can feel comfortable while talking with him, made the whole trip very relaxing and pleasent. He is also a great photographer. By taking beautiful pictures, you will always have great memories of that day and all those beautiful shrines and temples. So in short, with Koichi you get a professional, yet very relaxing guide, that really enjoys showing you a part of Kyoto and makes sure, you will remember these memories.

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Guided tour and memorable Photo shooting in Kyoto

(16) Reviews
by Koichi
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