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Malou Malou Japan ( Family )
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2 months ago

“ History relived ”

Mr. Hiro is very accommodating. He has a unique way of giving information like trivia questions. He has good knowledge of the places of interests. He has a great sense of humor too. He really took good care if me and my son. He even made sure we were in the right platform going back to osaka. A highlight of our trip is our visit to Gion. The Geisha villages were amazing and Mr. Hiro made sure we learned about their lives. We were fortunate to see several of them being fetched.


Dear Malou I am grateful to you for your great reviews of June 17 tour in Kyoto. You must have mysterious feeling while you are walking through countless Trii-gates at Fushimi-Inari Shrine. You also enjoyed taking a walk through traditional streets like San-nen-saka,Ninen-saka and Ishibei-street to Yasaka Shrine. I was really happy to show you to encounter with a Geiko-san or a Maiko-san walking around the streets in Gion. Best regards July 18 Hiroshi Y.