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Maria Carmel Maria Philippines ( Family )
1 week ago

“ Funny and informative ”

We planned that our second day in Kyoto would be about going to the different historical places the cultural capital is known for. Hence, we booked a tour guide who could speak English for the experience. However, we got more than what we bargained for - our guide Mr. Hiro made us laugh, let us know which tea houses were expensive without needing to check the Web, and see geishas and maikos hailing taxis for their nightly appointments. He is a fast walker however so please ready to keep in pace with him. When we come back to Japan, we will surely keep in touch with him again, not just a guide anymore but as a friend, too.


Dear Maria I am very grateful to you for your great reviews of June 3 one day tour in Kyoto. I felt so happy when I found that all of your family looked really enjoying the tour in Kyoto, which is the most charming city in Japan. Kyoto attracts not only Japanese people but also foreingn tourists as well. Sorry,I try to be a slow walking tour guide in next time guiding. Best regards June 9 Hiroshi Y.