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Amie Amie Philippines ( Family )
1 month ago

“ Five-Star Van Service and First-Rate Driver Mr. Takasuke Miyanishi ”

We booked online for a day trip to Kyoto coming from Osaka. The online process has very clear instructions and they were also able to answer all of our questions. Instead of a van, we were given a bus that is very comfortable and have enough legroom. We had an excellent driver assigned to us, Mr. Takasuke Miyanishi, who is an expert navigator in the streets of Osaka and Kyoto. An emergency came up on the day of our trip and he was very understanding and helpful to our situation. It was easy to communicate with him and was flexible when we made changes in our itinerary. He was very cheerful and we enjoyed his company. Overall we received outstanding service from Mr. Miyanishi.

VAN transportation:

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful review you gave us, thank you so much! Our driver Mr. Miyanishi is always thinking about how to provide our customers with an enjoyable worthwhile experience. He is very familiar with the area and can handle any last minute changes, so we’re glad to hear that he could be of help when an emergency came up on the day of your tour. Thank you once again for your kind comments, I’ve passed your message along to Mr. Miyanishi and he was very pleased to have received such a wonderful review. We wish you all the best and hope to see you again soon!