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Abir Abir Switzerland ( Family )
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9 months ago

“ Round of some of kyoto highlights ”

Very nice and helpful company. It was a pleasure to have her as our family's guide for 5 hours around Kyoto

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Kyoto Must-See spots Tour

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by Moe
Kyoto is one of the most popular destination in Japan. There are many places to see & visit. This tour mainly focuses on the eastern area of Kyoto ("Higa...
6h US$ 232

Ear Massage & Cleaning

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by Moe
Need a break from your trip? If you want to get an unique and relaxing experience in Japan, this is the one! I can take you to the nice ear massage spo...
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Kyoto- Kurama to Kibune Hike

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by Moe
Kibune & Kurama Area is a perfect area if you want to get off the beaten-off-tracks in Kyoto? You can feel great both Japanese Nature and Culture in this t...
5:30h US$ 228