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Susan Susan United States ( Family )
1 year ago


We consider ourselves so fortunate to have had 3 days with Toichi in Kyoto and Nara. The most organized tour guide I think we have ever had ( and I consider ourselves to be some of the most well travelled people in the world) Toichi communicated with us prior to our arrival and even dropped off helpful materials at our hotel before we arrived. He planned an amazing 3 days for us in Kyoto and Nara, including some “hidden gems” completely u def the radar. Even in the midst of Platinum Week, he kept us away from the crowds and we covered more ground and saw more of these beautiful cities than I could have imagined. He knows every inch of the city and took us to the very best places. No request was too difficult or unreasonable- he found us the best option for each and every request. He did everything- from planning an amazing and fun dinner with authentic Geisha to riding the last streetcar in Kyoto, to organizing a bike ride to some spectacular attractions around our hotel, Toichi has great ideas. We never had to worry, as he kept us on schedule, communicating with the locals, and always moving forward. He is sophisticated, intelligent, worldly, and fun!!! You should consider yourself extremely lucky if you are able to book with him!!! Susan Moriconi


Dear Susan, Thank you very very much for your overwhelming comments. I had a fabulous and interesting time with you and your son for the last three days, too. You were open and energetic from the start and easy to have fun and joke with. If you enjoyed the tour with me, the half of the success comes from you and your son. It is the chemistry of the clients and the guide which brings the outcome. Thank you very much for walking a long distance with me without complaining and putting up with my sometimes unsophisticated jokes. Hope you had a great soak at the Arima Hot Spring and have a wonderful day at Himeji Castle today. Love, Ichi

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