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Michael Michael United States ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ Kyoto Sightseeing ”

Simply put, we had a fantastic experience with Hero! My wife and I were traveling to Japan for the first time with our 7 month old. We decided to hire a guide to help orient us to Kyoto and couldn’t be happier with our choice in selecting Hero. He led us though a bustling Nishiki market, stopping frequently at shops to introduce different aspects of Japanese culinary culture as well as other fun shops. What would otherwise have intimidated us with such a busy street became an unforgettable experience as Hero made the market become alive for us. From there, we crossed town to see the Gion and Yashaka districts and several important shrines and temples in the area. We saw idyllic preserved walkways that took us into the world we came to explore in Japan and cut through other passageways (that would be easily missed) to end up in other little gems. All the while, Hero filled us in on the history and other details of daily life in each of these little corners of the world. It was a full day and it’s still hard to believe how much we saw, but Hero also paid close attention to our baby’s cues and made sure that we had ample break time to tend to her while we enjoyed a coffee or ice cream off the beaten path in some charming cafes / gardens. While this would already be mire than enough to give Hero high marks, he was also taking pictures throughout the journey of the various sights we visited and frequently had us pose so we could have some pictures of us as a family (which is often a hindsight regret with our trips - the lack of pictures of us together!). Truly a remarkable time and much appreciation for Hero!


Thank you for writing sweet reference. It was nice to meet you under the sun with full of people everywhere in Nishiki market, Yasaka shrine and Yasaka area. Even this hot conditions, Michaele eastern so smart. It was unbelievable. I really appreciate her corporation. In addition, she is [Kawaii] always. So I could get happiness from her. Thank you. I hope we can meet up again someday in U.S or Japan.

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We go to Fushimi Inari shrine from morning. I will guide and take a photo for you. Fushimi Inari is the most popular sightseeing spot in Japan. So no way ...
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Shiga nature tour

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Shiga prefecture is next to Kyoto prefecture. There is the biggest lake, lake of Biwa. And you can see many beautiful mountains and clear stream. I can al...
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Japanese foods introduction tour

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I can show you Japanese traditional food and local food at Nishiki market and downtown after hearing your preference. Let's explore Kyoto foods together!!...
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