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Katerina Katerina United States
2 weeks ago

“ One-Day Tour in Kyoto ”

Makoon was by far the best tour guide we could have asked for! He was so easy to communicate with, very understanding and extremely knowledgeable. His vast knowledge of the geisha culture kept us on our toes. The 8 hours we spent with him flew by and left us wanting more. We could not stop talking about him for the rest of our trip. We had a friend use a different tour guide on a previous day and our experiences were quite different, her guide did not touch on half the information that Makoon did. He took us to sites that were so important to the history of Kyoto, that would have otherwise been overlooked. We even shed some tears at the end of the day when our time with Makoon was over. He created forever memories for us that we are forever grateful for!


Hi Katerina san, Words are not enough to express my gratitude. It was a memorable tour for me too with all the ladies. I particularly admired that everybody was eager to try different things: hand water purification, giving prayers, interesting Japanese food and many more! It was sad for me to leave you all at the end, I really hoped I could go on a Tokyo trip with you all!! I'm sincerely looking forward to meeting you all again! Warm Regards, Masaki Makoon Mori

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