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Tess Tess Australia ( Friends )
9 months ago

“ Kyoto Historical Sites Visits. ”

Hiroko was a very nice & considerate person. She listened & was also very astute at being able to judge what her clients interests were & gave us as much historical information that we required. The itinerary she planed for us was perfect & ran to time as was set out. Her English was excellent. ( She even helped us by making a booking at a restaurant for us ) We would highly recommend her.


Tess, I am truly grateful for your prompt and generous review. I am also glad to hear that the itinerary worked out well for you. As a local guide, it was my honor and pleasure to be with such nice and intelligent people like you, your husband and your friends. I hope that you have gotten to Hiroshima safely and that you will enjoy Teppanyaki dinner tomorrow. Sincerely, Hiroko