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Efecan Efecan Switzerland ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ Mt Fuji and Kyoto ”

Before coming to Japan we talked with Kashima and he planned our 3 day tour meticulously accommodating all our interests and needs. During our visit he was able to modify the tour plan according to our schedule as well. He was very friendly and professional. He also made us a unique file documenting the places we visited, which was very nice. He explained the culture and history of the places and historical figures. At one time he also used his own phone to call a restaurant to make a reservation for us :)


Hello Efecan san, Thank you very much for your great review for me. I am very much pleased that you selected me as a tour guide for your precious tour. On the first day, we visited Fugaku-Fuketsu and Oshino-Hakkai near Mt.Fuji. Fugetsu-Fuketsu inside Aokigahara sea of trees is a cave where frozen ice statues are remained even in summer that are created by an eruption of Mt.Fuji. I am pleased that you could enjoy the enormous nature mystery. Also, in Oshino-Hakkai of UNESCO world Heritage , you could see beautiful eight ponds with incredible clean spring water from Mt.Fuji and tasted the water. On the second day, we visited Zen temple of Tenryuji and Kinkakuji , Bamboo forest and Fushimi-inari shrine. I am pleased that you could feel something what Zen Buddhism sect tell us and what Great Samurai worriers had took effort historically for Japan. Also, I was so impressed that both of you are so much interested in Japanese culture such as Geisha & Maiko. It was good that you could see the real Maiko show during the night. I hope that you pass on your knowledge you got in Japan to you friends and your family. I am looking forward to meeting with you again in near future. Thanks, Kashima