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Paz Paz Israel ( Family )
4 months ago

“ Wonderful learning day ”

We took 4 hours tour in Kyoto. We got a thoroughly explanations about all the points of interests we asked. Aliko was extremely patient and answered all our question even though not all of them were connected to the sites we visited. Her english was great and her knowledge of the Japanese culture and history was impressive.


Shalom, Paz san, I'm very happy to see you were satisfied with the tour. I think I should have explained this way, the Nijo Castle main palace now under repair was moved from Imperial palace court nobles area at the beginning of Meiji Era.The palace which the Last Shogun Yoshinobu built and stayed in was dismounted before that. I guess it must not have been a suitable one for a castle because Yoshinobu hurryed to build a residence for himself (or for his predecessor) on the empty site. He came to Kyoto as governer of Imperial and the 14th Shogun's security and stayed there for three years and then became Shogun in the last year as the 14th Shogun died. Enjoy your further stay in Japan. Please give my best regards to your parents and Yuvar(?). Lehitraot. Akiko