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Tony********** Tony********** United Kingdom ( Couple )
4 months ago

“ 2 days in Kyoto ”

We were on a cruise ship stopping in Kobe. Rather than take tours from the ship and spend time going to and from Kyoto we decided to stay overnight in Kyoto and take advantage of our time especially in the evenings to see the geisha district . Although we have the added cost of a hotel our outlay overall was similar to 2 days touring with the ship and we saw so much more and the benefit of travelling in and out of Kyoto only once on the bullet train which was actually quite expensive .Kashima Met us at the cruise ship as with no knowledge or experience of the Japanese train network we did not know where we were going we found Kashima as a guide to speak good English and have a great knowledge of his cities and culture. Getting around in Japan is not easy and again he knew the network very well to get around the various places and using only one taxi which you do need to avoid because the costs by comparison to China and indeed London are ridiculously high . We saw all the temples they saw on the ship and more and most importantly we spent an evening in Gion which is possibly the highlight of my wife’s trip certainly as we saw many geisha walking around and got to see two of them dancing in a small restaurant and at a very reasonable price . Kashima was incredibly polite and was able to answer all of our questions I would be very happy to recommend our guide to any western visitor .


Hello Tony san, Thank you very much for your detail, great and utmost review for me by taking your precious time. I am very much pleased that you selected me as a tour guide, separated from your cruise tour and enjoyed two days Kyoto tour. Specially, I was so impressed that your wife knows very well about Japanese culture such as Geisha & Maiko, the spirits of Zen Buddhism, the word “less is more” which your wife described, flower arrangement and so-on. We visited several temples in Kyoto such as Tenryuji, Ryoanji, Ginkakuji which are related with Zen-Buddhism sect , Kinkakuji of gorgeous Golden three stories Pavilion and Kiyomizu temple which is related with a Buddhism sect dedicated to ordinary people. Also, you could enjoy the beautiful landscape of Bamboo forest, Moon crossing bridge and various gardens. Thanks to your deep considered questions about each site spots, I could well explain the important background of each spots. Also, it was good for you and your wife could see the real Geisha & Maiko activity during the night you stayed including Maiko show and their walking through street. I hope that you can be an advocate of Japan in your country. I am looking forward to meeting with you again in near future. Thanks, Kashima