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Maybelle Maybelle United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Really informative and excellent tour ”

We were a group of three and had less than a day in kyoto. We wanted to see so many things and he made it possible! He brought a little booklet and has printouts for teaching us about the different symbols at the temples and shrines we went to. He was so knowledgeable and easy to get along with. He showed us how to respectfully enter the temples and shrines. He even helped us get on the train to our next stop Osaka. We seriously would have been lost without him and he was very patient and extremely kind. Also, We really wanted sushi and desserts and he took us to some eat delicious food! He really tailors his tour to whatever you want to do. Overall, we would highly recommend him and we really enjoyed our short time in kyoto!


Dear Ms. Maybelle I appreciate your feedback. I’m very pleased that your nice family enjoyed the tour. I had great time as well showing your family around Kyoto in cherry‐blossom season. It is most beautiful season. I sincerely hope this experience was memorable. I'm sorry that I walked fast and I made you tired. I sincerely hope you visit Japan again and if so I would be glad to guide you again. Thank you!! Best regards, Kazuhiko Goto

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