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Claudia Claudia United States ( Family with kids )
1 month ago

“ Best decision of our entire trip ”

There are tour guides and then there's Makoon! He is above and beyond personable, knowledgeable, and passionate about Kyoto and Japan. And about making that connection with what his guests hope to get out of their visit. He really shines showcasing Kyoto and his love for his work is clear. We learned and saw more in one day, in a fun way with us and our kids, than any amount of research on our own. And it was all tailored to our specific interests ranging from shrines to food to flowers to history. We are usually do-it-yourself travelers but we are so glad we spent the day with Makoon, a wonderful representative of Kyoto! And one of the highlights of an incredibly memorable trip for us.


Hi Claudia san, It's more than an honor to recieve words like yours. It was also a great day for me surprising you with the extra stop for "the last cherry blossoms" and being surprised by extraordinarily fit and knowledgeable kids! Also I was happy to see you enjoying those Soba noodles, and the fried ones! never knew they are sold in a baseball stadium.. I'm sincerely looking forward to seeing you and your family! Maybe in the US next time! Warm Regards, Masaki Makoon Mori

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