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Carol Carol United States ( Couple )
3 months ago

“ How Lucky Was I in Choosing Toichi With no Personal Knowledge - I just followed a hunch! ”

I am a travel agent who was asked by my clients to get them a private guide for Kyoto. I had no personal knowledge of Kyoto guides and my usual destination guides were horribly expensive and perhaps not great either! I read Toichi's "profile" and decided he sounded like a good choice. What a treasure! I've heard from my clients at the end of their first day with him and they said he was great! The second day was also terrific. From my end, I liked him because he responded to anything I asked him (or told him about) almost instantly and always with what I could tell was good advice. From his written notes, he sounded as though he had a nice sense of humor and knowledge of the Kyoto area.


Dear Carol, Thank you very much for your review. I had a good time talking and getting to know Laurie and Bob during our two days in Kyoto. They told me great things about you, too! I hope they will be in OK in Nara and in Himeji on their own today and tomorrow. Thank you for choosing me.

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