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Michele Michele United States ( Family )
Very Good
1 year ago

“ Great private tour! ”

Great tour! Things Mana did well: Mana knew the route well and was able to share good insights about each stop. Her English is good enough for us to mostly understand so it’s not the issue that other reviewers identified. In addition to the 3 major temples we wanted to stop at, she created a walking itinerary that routed us by a number of other interesting sites in the area. My older mother needed to walk a bit slower and avoid too many steps, and Mana was able to identify a tour route that met our needs. Even though we returned to the hotel about 20-30 min later than scheduled (we were flexible) Mana graciously did not charge for extra time although we gave her a small gratuity for her good service. Things to work on for future tours: maybe have a few options in mind for lunch - the place we stumbled into had quite a long wait and it seemed we needed to insist on stopping for lunch around 1pm as otherwise Mana would keep going so this stop took over an hour of our tour (Kyoto was busy during Sakura season so many lunch spots probably had similar challenges!). Perhaps we also could have been clearer about wanting to include a stop for lunch upfront and Mana could suggest stop early to beat the crowds. Also, if you have Mana take your photos in front of temples or shrines, you might want to check the photo right away and retake if needed - lot of temples and shrines were cut off in the photos she took for us. Overall we enjoyed Kyoto quite a lot and had a lovely day with beautiful weather. Thank you to Mana for showing us some of the city’s highlights.


Dear Michele,I thank you for your detailed advice. As we were in the peak of the Sakura tourist season, thank you for your understanding regarding the lunch stop. Some other clients booked 5 months in advance and still experienced a long wait ( 30 min) I'll practice taking a picture for my clients. Thank you for your helpful feedback.

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