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“ Tour review with Michiko ”

We hired Michiko as our tour guide for two days. One day when we were in Kyoto and another day when we were in Osaka. Since she lived in Nara which was close to both Kyoto and Osaka, so she was our tour guide in both cities. Michiko was very flexible in arranging our itinerary as we kept changing them as we were adjusting the places and activities that we would like to visit and experience. She also worked around the itinerary depending on where we could see the best cherry blossoms at that time. We enjoyed Michiko's company very much on both days. She knew her history very well and explained the background and history of the places we visited. What we most enjoyed about her is her willingness to take our photos, not just a few but many. She keeps volunteering to take our pictures and we did not object. She takes excellent photos and knows how to frame a shot to take advantage of the scenery and also minimizes "photo bombers". She would be a contortionist bending her body trying to be low to the ground if necessary to get the best shot. We felt this is one of her advantages as she is quite flexible. Michiko was very patient with us as we were slow walkers. We don't do much walking in Southern California where we drive our cars everywhere we go. She is also quite tall which was an advantage especially when amongst a crowd of people and it is very easy to spot her and follow her. Overall Michiko is an excellent guide and we thoroughly enjoyed her company on both days and also as our photographer.


Dear Christopher, Thank you for your wonderful comment. I was so lucky that I could tour with such a gentle family. You had told me your request very concretely beforehand, which helped me a lot to prepare the tours. The time for organizing the itinerary is one of the big charms in the tour. And how wonderful it is to imagine the pictures I took are included in your family album! I hope those pictures will remind you of the early spring 2 days in Kyoto & Osaka forever. Sincerely, Michiko

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