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Katherine Katherine United States ( Couple )
3 months ago

“ Mari, the amazing tour guide! ”

Our incredible experience with Mari started when we first contacted her a few weeks before our trip. We wanted to book a tour during our very quick one day stay in Kyoto and we wanted to figure out how to hit as many highlights in the area as we could, during that short period of time. Mari was very responsive to all of our inquiries and helped us to develop an amazing itinerary. She created a plan that helped us to get to see all the major site seeing points as well as some of the less known but still very interesting/beautiful sights of Kyoto. On the day of our actual tour, she was very punctual and met us exactly on time at our arranged meetup point. Right away, she was funny, sweet and engaging and we knew we were going to have a good day with her. She is a very interesting person and our conversation throughout the tour was amazing and I loved getting to talk to her about her experiences and also her allowing us to share ours with her. She took us to all the beautiful sights of Kyoto and she also showed us some other really amazing places/things that she had taken the time to research and find for us. Mari really does her homework and finds places that she knows that her customer/clients will likely enjoy. She threw in some very nice surprises during our tour that she knew we would enjoy and I have to so say, I was blown away by all that she did for us. If you are considering booking a tour for Kyoto (or anywhere around this region), Mari is the tour guide to get. She will not disappoint you and she will take you on an amazing journey that will leave you speechless. We can't express enough the feelings of appreciation and gratitude we have towards Mari, after our tour. We definitely could not have done and seen what we did in Kyoto if it had not been for her. Please do yourself a huge favor and book Mari as your tour guide as this is an insurance policy that you will have a great time during your stay in this part of Japan.


Thank you so much for the wonderful review!! I am very touched to receive it from you, Katie and Nik. Your comment always encourages my working life, especially in this busy season. :) I deeply appreciate your comment and would never forget what we did, what we talked, Nik's smile etc.... Definitely I will visit you in the future and I can not wait to see you both again! All the best for your life. Thank you sooo much. :D