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‪Jessica ‪Jessica United States ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ Tours around Osaka and Kyoto ”

As a family of thirteen with 5 children under 12, we were not an easy task to manage so Hero was exceptionally helpful in escorting us around Kyoto and Osaka. Although he planned a detailed itinerary before our arrival, he was extremely accommodating to everyone's needs and allowed us to tour these cities at our own pace - this definitely made things way less stressful. One downside in touring with such a large group with a stroller was the public transportation on the bus (the subway in Oasaka was much easier!), but Hero was very accommodating and adjusted the itinerary to fit out needs. Also, it can be quite hard herding our group together to share information, but Hero was very knowledgeable at answering any questions we may have had. All-in-all, we were not an easy group, but had a very pleasant time with Hero in Oasaka and Kyoto - he showed us great hospitality and had great food recommendations! An added plus is that he took amazing photos to remember our time by which we greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Thank you very much for hiring me!Well,,,I played rugby as you played. So this 2 days was kind of rugby team. I tried to be a nice piece of your big group. But I am sure I could not guide several sightseeing spot without your family support. Mahalo!!!In addition, kids were crazy but always made me happy. They were not complicated but purely simple nice kids!!I could enjoy spending time with them. Kyoto and Osaka people does not use Hawaiian time or Okinawan time. But I can switch it. So Hawaiian thinking way reminded me my Okinawa life!I hope to see you in Hawaii or US mainland!All the best for your amazing family!!

Private Tours

Kyoto welcome tour

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by Hero
We go to Fushimi Inari shrine from morning. I will guide and take a photo for you. Fushimi Inari is the most popular sightseeing spot in Japan. So no way ...
7 Hours US$ 340 up to 20 people

Shiga nature tour

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by Hero
Shiga prefecture is next to Kyoto prefecture. There is the biggest lake, lake of Biwa. And you can see many beautiful mountains and clear stream. I can al...
8 Hours US$ 291 up to 3 people

Japanese foods introduction tour

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by Hero
I can show you Japanese traditional food and local food at Nishiki market and downtown after hearing your preference. Let's explore Kyoto foods together!!...
3 Hours US$ 97 up to 15 people