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leigh Leigh United States ( Family with kids )
1 month ago

“ SIMPLY THR BEST?Book him if you can! ”

Makoon is his nickname! He is a delight to be with for all ages. He trains many of the other guides so he knows exactly what he’s talking about. But, he is young hip and cool and even a professional break dancer. He relates to all ages beautifully. He knows about history, Japanese culture, pop culture, and current Geo politics and we use them all into the tour. English is great because he lived in Vancouver for a number of years. He doesn’t just recite facts (he said that’s what Google is for), he tells you about the Japanese educational system and about Japanese religions and philosophy and culture… He engages you in such a thoughtful way that relates to your own life. We have employed guides across the globe and Makoon might be the best ever. He is a STAR. but he books up so grab him if you can. I wish he had another couple days for us. Don’t hesitate.


Dear Leigh san, Oh my,,, words are not enough to express how thankful I am to your great review. It's really an honor to receive your words. I am happy that you got a good idea of Japan from many different perspectives. When you said these cultural and historical information is related to your life, that is exactly the goal of my tour. I'll keep studying and working on my skills so I can be a real star! Please enjoy the incense and remember the great time you spent in Kyoto! Warm Regards, Makoon

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