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Mi Won Mi United States ( Couple )
5 months ago

“ Go with a pro--hire Hiro! ”

Booking a full-day Kyoto tour with Hiro was easily one of the best decisions I'd made when planning my trip to Japan. His friendliness, sense of humor and expertise will immediately put you at ease in a country that can be bewildering to English-only speakers. There was absolutely NO way I would've been able to fit in as many sights in one day without his local knowledge. Hiro's rate is an absolute bargain for what he offers since you can customize your tour and focus only on the sights you want to see. Ultimately I had a much more enriching experience of Kyoto than my boyfriend did. (He was disappointed by a guided-group bus tour of the city he took a few years ago because he was unable to see the sights most recommended by TripAdvisor users.) Thanks to Hiro's expertise I was able to make the most efficient use of my short time in the city as we zipped around from one dream-like setting to another via public transportation. So if you need a guide to Kyoto, this one's a no-brainer. Go with a pro--hire Hiro!


Dear Mi I am very grateful to you for your great reviews on Feb 27 one day tour in Kyoto. I feel so happy while I am reading your long compliments of the tour. You are such a tough walker ! Even though you visited many sites and walked around a long distance in a day , you said no complaining !. You must be one of the greatest ever teachers of arts because when you visited at the prolific and multi-talented Kawai Kanjiro Memorial House, you looked so excited and was fascinated with every piece of Kanjiro's art work such as pottery works, carvings calligraphy and his house itself once used as his atelier. this shows us that you must have a sense of aesthetic. I hope that you will introduce the aethetic aspect of Japanese beauty to your students. Best regards Mar 7 Hiroshi (hiro) Y.