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Amy Amy United States ( Family )
2 months ago

“ 2 days of touring Kyoto ”

Our family of four had an amazing two days of touring Kyoto with Macoon! He brought to life the history and culture of Japan. He had incredible insights, was organized and flexible. Not only is his English excellent, (went to High School in Canada), he teaches a course to other aspiring tour guides. He was a joy to be with, professional, kind, considerate and extremely engaging. We can't recommend him highly enough. Book him now-he is in high demand and its easy to understand why!


Dear Amy It's really an honor to receive a review like yours, and this will only motivate me to improve as a guide. In your limited time, we have done a lot. From serene shrines, delicious food, zen temple, nice pictures, wild monkeys... very good mix of everything like Kyoto city itself! Thank you for listening to all the historical and cultural talks, and sharing your perspectives. I, too, learned in a great deal from you and your family. I'm sincerely looking forward to meeting you all again. Warm Regards, Masaki Makoon Mori

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