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Very Good
2 years ago |   by Kuay

Mr. Noboru Nagata was very attentive in his email correspondence. He replied to emails promptly and was very thorough. Before starting the tour, he showed us the different locations for where would go throughout the day which was very helpful to get a prospective of our first day in Kyoto. His English was good but there were several occasions when we had to ask him to repeat what he said due to his pronunciation and his volume. He is very knowledgeable about the sights. There were some information he was unclear about but he was up front about not knowing which made us trust him even more. He went above and beyond his tour time. We were expecting the tour to end around 5 pm. However, he wanted to make sure we squeezed in a couple more sights. It was a good thing he extended his time. He took us to the Gion District known for the quaint restaurants and rare Geisha sightings. He pointed out a Geisha house and was explaining to us the process of becoming a Geisha. In the mean time, a taxi pulls up to the house giving indication that a Geisha was exiting the house. We waited about 6-10 minutes and the crowd grew around the house and then the Geisha quickly walked out of the gate and into the taxi. A rare sighting, indeed! If Mr. Noboru hadn't stopped to explain the sight, we would not have experienced seeing a Geisha. We parted abound 7 pm which was way beyond the tour hour. He probably would have kept on going to make sure we saw as much as much as possible! By that time, our family of 4 were ready to head back to our hotel. All in all, it was a very memorable and informative experience. We highly recommend Mr. Noboru.