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Wen Shan Wen Singapore ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ Lotss of places to see ”

Mana met us outside the tourist info, she waa a little blur and didnt recognise us when we came up to her but no problem. Took us to various sights we wanted to see like Kinkakuji, arashimaya and also added interesting sights to the itinerary like the monkey park that was on the way though we didnt know of. Also brought us to interesting silk worm cocoon handicraft shop. Effective use of the transport system except for the bus ride to Eikando. She was going to get us to take subway and bus but thought we had time and we took the bus all the way which ended up taking a long time though it did save us money since we got he one fay kyoto bus pass. Nevertheless luckily we made it just in time to enter to see the beautiful fall foliage though it was starting to get dark. She doesnt provide a lot of information but she does point out the interesting sights and photo points. All in all a fun day out. We wouldnt have managed to get to all these spots on our own I think with all the different transfers needed on bus, randen, subway, JR and lots of walking.


Dear Wen. Thank you for a prompt nice review. You are so lucky because Kinkakuji and Arashiyama were not as crowded as usual. So we could proceed with our schedule faster than usual. As a result you could save time and money. I myself enjoyed viewing autumn foliage at the park.The monkeys also enjoyed with your family.

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