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Helen Helen United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Focuses on You! ”

Toichi went above and beyond. He contacted me several times leading up to the days we spent with him. I have a food allergy. He went out to restaurants ahead of time to locate businesses that could accommodate my special needs. He even sent me pictures of some of the dishes offered. We had a change of heart on our first day, and decided to go to an entirely different part of Kyoto. He was totally supportive of our change of heart and we had a great day. He taught us Japanese words, gave us historical background, taught us about everyday life in Japan, and generally gave 100 percent to us during the time we were together. He offered information to us also about cities he knew we'd be visiting in the future. I highly recommend Toichi!


Dear Helen, Thank you very very much for your utmost comment. I am so flattered. I am always worried with the clients who have food restrictions, but I am glad it somehow worked out on the day. Hope you and your husband had a nice time for the rest of your trip in Japan, and I am happy you went back to your home safely. Now autumn leaves are in season. I was in Nara yesterday and I will guide the group of 12 people in Osaka today. Wish you would enjoy your retirement to the fullest. Do all the things you could not do when you were working. GOOD LUCK!

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