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Alison Alison United States ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ Excellent Guide for Kyoto ”

Moe exceeded my expectations as our guide in Kyoto. She was fluent in English. Moe was extremely knowledgable about the sites that we visited. Moe traveled with us to the Pug Cafe and made sure that we would were able to get back to Kyoto. Wish we had reserved her for a few days!!! She made our trip to Kyoto a memorable one.

Private Tours

Kyoto Must-See spots Tour

(44) Reviews
by Moe
Kyoto is one of the most popular destination in Japan. There are many places to see & visit. This tour mainly focuses on the eastern area of Kyoto ("Higa...
6 Hours US$ 244

Ear Massage & Cleaning

(44) Reviews
by Moe
Need a break from your trip? If you want to get an unique and relaxing experience in Japan, this is the one! I can take you to the nice ear massage spo...
1.5 Hours US$ 175 up to 1 people

Kyoto- Kurama to Kibune Hike

(44) Reviews
by Moe
Kibune & Kurama Area is a perfect area if you want to get off the beaten-off-tracks in Kyoto? You can feel great both Japanese Nature and Culture in this t...
5.5 Hours US$ 239