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Jane Jane Australia ( Couple )
10 months ago

“ The Perfect guide for Kyoto ”

I need to give 10 stars as five is not enough. Masaki Makoon spent two days safely and proudly shepherding us around some of the most fascinating jewels of his beautiful city, Kyoto. One day in the city, one day in nature. The pace he set was perfect and he cared for our wellbeing and spirits in the high temperature. I can not recommend this knowledgeable, professional and charming person highly enough as a guide! We learned so much, and felt a connection with not just the surface beauty of the places we visited, but with the underlying history and their unique energy. We also had delicious food, found wonderful gifts, and enjoyed his company. I can’t wait to return to Kyoto again. My recommendation is to let him set the agenda, and take at least two days. Have fun!


Dear Jane It's truely an honor for me to receive a review like this. I, too, enjoyed guiding you in a great deal becauase I could see you were really enjoying each place we visited. I'd also like to express my appreciation for you taking time to listen to all the hisotric and cultural information, that's a big respect. It was also great to hear about your story and insight about Japan, and also an opinion as an entrepreneur. That was very much inspiratoinal. I really hope to see you again in the future. Till then, please take care! Warm Regards, Masaki Makoon Mori

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