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Gino Gino United States ( Family )
11 months ago

“ "A relaxed and well thought fun tour." ”

The tour was well planned and tailored for me and my mom. Makoon was very clear and effective with his communication skills, knowlegeable about Japan's history (I like that the tour was interactive) he's fun, personable , sensitive to your needs and made suggestions to help us maximize time to cover the highlights of our tour. I like the fact that he made sure we avoided the massive crowds as it is now the peak of travel here in Japan. Lastly, he made sure we got back to our hotel safely after the tour by accompanying us back to the hotel with his own time. This is taking an extra mile and I think it's above and beyond. "Hi Makoon, Thanks for the local food suggestions, local tips for shopping and peace and quiet sightseeing". We had a great time and experience.


I sincerely appreciate your kind review. Also I have to mention that you treated me like your family member, and it's my honor. I learned a lot about photo taking from you, I was really happy to take you to very local temple with thousands of statues of Jizo! Even though it was the peak time, the tour went smoothly with your support! I'm really looking forward to seeing you again in the future. Please enjoy the rest of your trip! Kind Regards, Masaki Mkoon Mori

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