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* Our guides cannot provide Flights and Accommodations. Only Day Tours.

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Don’t waste your time trying to find tours to suit your requirements. Guides will create a customized itinerary just for you.

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Itinerary suggestions from our community of professional licensed guides will be sent based on your requirements. You can choose a suggested itinerary or edit it in order to make the most of your trip to Japan.

Licensed Guides

Licensed guides are professionals approved by the Japan Tourism Agency. They have passed tough examinations, and are highly knowledgeable about the history and places that are featured in their tours.

With a private tour you can have:

Food & Drinks

You can choose your lunch or dinner according to your tastes, or ask the guides for recommendations on the meals and drinks in Japan.


Our guides can help you buy what you want in Japan, taking you to famous clothes, electronics, and souvenir shops.


If you want to try wear a kimono, see a Sumo fight, participate in a Japanese tea ceremony, etc., our guides can prepare activities for you.


You can coordinate the meeting point with your guide, whether it’s at the lobby of your hotel or somewhere in the city. And you can also choose where you end the tour.


Where do you want to go? Which places do you want to visit? Our guides will propose an optimal itinerary for you and the people you are traveling with.


Our guides can answer any questions you may have about your trip to Japan. Whether it’s about transportation, visas, prices, or the weather, don’t hesitate to ask them!

Customer Reviews for Kyoto Tours

    Janet ( United States )

    Kanji is the perfect tour guide. He promptly met us at the ship and proceeded to guide us through the trains to Kyoto. He had the days activities well planned and made sure that we flowed the plan and got us back to the ship on time. I would highly recommend Kenji. view more

    Pino ( Switzerland )

    She was on time (or even too early) at the meeting point. Additionally, her English is very good and she is completely flexible in regards of the tour design. Had also Lunch with her in a typical Japanese-Tofu-Restaurant. Learnt alot from Seiko about Japanese culture. Thanks again. view more

    Sandra ( Singapore )

    I spent 5 days with Chisato; 2 of which were spent exploring medicinal herbs and farming outside of Kyoto. Chisato is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgable about agriculture. She is always eager to share her experiences which makes the trips so much more than your usual run-of-the-mills tours. Chisato is a wonderful, detail-oriented guide that I would not hesitate to recommend to others! view more

    Anne ( Australia )

    We had a really good day in Kyoto with Toshiyo. She was very flexible when we changed the itinerary and very patient with my slow progress especially on the climb up the mountain to see the monkeys. After seeing the temple and gardens, and the bamboo forest in the Arashiyama area, we had lunch (Toshiyo had precooked a popular restaurant overlooking the Togetso bridge) and then went on the bus to the Gion area where we explored the fascinating streets and the temple. All in all a wonderful althou... view more

    Eberhard ( Austria )

    Hiroshi guided is a whole day in Kyoto. We saw the maximum, what we could do and it was a very pleasant day. Hiroshi himself is a very competent and attentive person. As extra Bonus he made a lot of fotos of us, using his own high tech camera and sent us the pictures a few days later by email. We only can highly recommend Hiroshi to others and thank him for the interesting day. view more

    Andreas ( Germany )

    Keiko did an excellent job and she is very professional. Her day plan worked perfect and we had enough time to see the pre-planned attractions and didn't loose time by transport. Her explanations are very good and all questions are answered and we learned more about Japan and the culture as we thought. always again........... thanks. Petra and Andreas view more

    Deborah ( United Kingdom )

    Hiroshi wa extremely knowledgeable, answered all our questions and gave us a very good insight to the program of sights he planned for us to see. We luckily even had sight of a Geisha and maiko ladies view more

    Alice ( United States )

    Mari is a lovely,intelligent woman with perfect English. We spent a wonderful day with her in Kyoto. She has complete knowledge of public transportation and even did a dry run of our itinery before we arrived. Time is limited off a cruise ship. Best to spend two days with Mari view more

    Antonio ( United States )

    Mr. Tatsuhiro made our experience in Kyoto something we would cherish forever. He is a gentleman, very patient and so sweet. He met us with a Jack O lantern with USA flag. Very welcoming. During our several months of planning this trip, he communicated with us efficiently. He is prompt and professional. He introduced us to the culture and food. We totally enjoyed his guidance. Arigato gozaimasu! view more