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Nara Sightseeing & the World of Buddhist Statuary

(26) Reviews

Through this tour you will be intrigued with the charm of Buddhist statuary, which represents people's wishes and prayers. Figures of statues vary according to the development of eras from Asuka period to Muromachi period. At the same time you can read more

7h $ 218 up to 5 people

Hikone Castle (A National Treasure) & Castle Town Tour

(38) Reviews

You can enter the Hikone castle keep, turrets etc. I believe that you feel like you have slipped back into the Edo Period ( about 200~400 years ago). Hikone city is near Kyoto city. It takes about 50 min. by JR train. Please vieit Hikone while you visit Kyoto. Of course, I can guide you in Kyoto,... read more

4h $ 71 up to 18 people

Nara, deerpark and an exstra large statue of Buddha

(6) Reviews

Nara was an ancient capital of Japan just for 80 years in the 8th century. But it played an important role in Japanese culture a lot. Daibutsuden housing a large statue of Buddha is the world oldest wooden structure. read more

8h $ 516 up to 7 people

Most Dangerous National Treasure To See (2 Days)

(2) Reviews

Nageire-do has an unbelievable scene. It is in a cave of the steep cliff near the top of Mt. Mitoku (899m). How was this building constructed 1300 years ago? It has not been completely explained yet. Visitors who could reach there after 1 hour trek would surely get divine feelings. read more

by Shun
2 days $ 401 up to 10 people

Izakaya Hopping & Sightseeing in Minami Area, Osaka

(26) Reviews

This tour is meant for those who would like to enjoy sightseeing in Minami ( South ) Area, Osaka and eating and drinking at three izakayas ( Japanese-style taverns ) for relatively reasonable prices in a friendly atmosphere. read more

5h $ 156 up to 5 people

Nara Private Full Day Tour by Car

(51) Reviews

Nara is an old capital of Japan. Nara had been the capital of Japan for 74 years before Nagaokakyo and Kyoto. Nara had been the center of Japanese Buddhism before Kyoto. Nara is famous for the Great Buddha, Kasuga-taisha Shrine, deer, and so on. read more

8h $ 285 up to 6 people

Kyoto Night Walk

(15) Reviews

Kyoto had been the capital of Japan for about 1,200 years. This truly historical city has enchantments both of daytime and nighttime. You can feel the depth of this city only by walking in the nighttime. The image of the city is completely different between day and night. But walking in the nighttim... read more

by Ryoji
2h $ 80 up to 10 people

Day Trips from Kyoto

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