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Fushimi Inari Shrine.
Fushimi Inari Shrine – A 1,300 years old shrine for the God of bountiful crops and prosperous business
Kiyomizu-dera – Kyoto’s most popular tourist attraction
Sanjusangen-do .
A museum of Buddhist statues – 1001 life-size statues of Senju Kannon
Eikan-do, where you can refresh your soul from the beautiful autumn leaves and the Mikaeri Amida
Enjoy Kyoto at its Most “Kyoto-esque”: Gion
Shoren-in, associated with the Emperor. Its pond garden and fusuma (sliding doors) paintings are exquisite
Toei Kyoto Studio Park.
Get to know the attraction of a period drama, this is a large-scale theme park where you can meet samurai and ninja
Tenryu-ji Temple.
Tenryu-ji Temple, a World Heritage site with the spectacular Unryu-zu (image of the cloud dragon) and a garden from 700 years ago
Arashiyama, a prominent tourist spot in Kyoto where you can enjoy the great outdoors
Katsura Imperial Villa.
Katsura Imperial Villa, a Japanese garden at its peak beauty, in harmony with nature throughout the four seasons
Saiho-ji Temple (Koke-dera).
Covered in 120 kinds of moss, it’s a splendid garden which spreads out like a green carpet.
Enjoy exploring temples and typical Kyoto-style cobblestone streets
Yasaka Shrine.
The guardian deity of the Hanamachi (geisha quarter) providing hope through protection against evil, the warding off of disease, and prosperity of business
A tranquil area surrounded by mountain greenery with temples scattered throughout
Sanzen-in Temple.
Time passes slowly in the temple grounds surrounded by flora such as moss and cedars.

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