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Roline Roline United Kingdom ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Kyoto full day, Kobe half a day ”

6 of us were guided by Mr Kazuhiro in both Kyoto and Kobe. He was an attentive informative guide, the fastest walker any of us had ever encountered! We covered a lot of ground and thoroughly enjoyed our time with him.


Dear Ms.Roline I appreciate your feedback. I’m very pleased that your nice group enjoyed their tour. I had great time as well showing your group around Kyoto and Kobe. I'm sorry that I walked fast and I'm sorry that I made your group tired. Moreover, because of my mistake, you got lost at Nunobiki Ropeway. Sorry!! I sincerely hope this experience was memorable. I sincerely hope you visit Japan again and if so I would be glad to guide you again. Thank you!! Best regards, Kazuhiko Goto


Your most memorable tour in Kyoto (Kinkakuji-Temple, Kiyomiz...

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Hikone Castle (A National Treasure) & Castle Town Tour

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Your most memorable tour in Osaka (Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky B...

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Your most memorable tour in Nara (Nara deer Park, Toudaiji T...

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