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Hello ! My name is Akira, the meaning is "brightness". Welcome to Kanazawa, the time-honored Castle Town of attractive Samurai Culture. After being a tour guide,I noticed that my experience spending in the Western Culture is helping me a lot to give easier explanation of anything mysterious about ... read more

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Allow me to guide you through the ancient historical city of Kanazawa, Takayama and Shirakwa-go, filled with touring spots and hidden attractions surrounded by nature, . I can take you to spots where you can feel the culture through scent, scenery, and sound. The gastronomy of Kanazawa is also one... read more

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Hi. I'm Tomomi. Thank you for choosing me from a number of the guides! I've involved in tourism for more than 15 years including a guest house manager and a tour leader. I've done more than 150 tours in Takayama area and I'm the one who can show you the real rural life remaining in this area. My ... read more

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Born and having spent most of my life in Kanazawa, I went into the export business for a major high-speed and automatic loom maker, where I worked for 38 years. When I was a university student in Kyoto, I occasionally worked part time as an English speaking guide. I have guided foreign tourists in... read more

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I was born and brought up in Kanazawa, and live in Kanazawa. So,I know every corner of this town. I am a national licensed tour guide. I started operating tour guide business in 2004 after retired from the local government office. I enjoyed hobbies when I found my spare time. In my twenties and thi... read more

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Hi, I'm Junichi, a Japanese business owner, based in Takayama, Gifu prefecture, JAPAN. My hometown is Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture, and not too far from Takayama. After working in Africa for 10 years for Japanese Government as development aid worker, I moved to this small but lovely town, Takayama in 2015... read more

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