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Kanazawa Full-day Tour

(12) Reviews
by Fujio
Tour Guide Services: Sightseeing tours with explanations of historical and cultural backgrounds of Ishikawa prefecture including Kanazawa city, which is...
8h PHP 21,789 up to 3 people

Kanazawa One Day Tour

We will use a public transportation (a loop bus) which is quite convenient to visit highligted spots. The city of Kanazawa is very compact and as you strol...
8h PHP 15,882 up to 6 people

Kanazawa Photo Strolling

(12) Reviews
by Yukari
Kanazawa is an old castle town based on a Samurai culture. You can see a mixture of traditional culture and modern city. If you like taking photos,please...
3h PHP 3,293 per person

Kanazawa private half day tour

(12) Reviews
by Yukari
We will stroll the castle town while enjoy talking about history, culture, art, and local foods. The attractions we visit are Kenroku-en Garden,Nagamachi ...
4h PHP 7,360 up to 3 people

Kanazawa Full Enjoyment of One Night & Two Days Tour

(48) Reviews
This tour is one night, two days tour in Kanazawa that include various tour spots such as Kenrokuen-garden, Kanazawa castle, Samurai residence, Higashi Cha...
2 days PHP 36,799 up to 15 people

Kanazawa Golden Tour

(101) Reviews
by Hideo
I would like to take you to Kenrokuen, Kanazawa Castle Park, Higashichaya district, Samurai residence district, and Omi Market. Kenrokuen is a strolling...
8h PHP 14,526 up to 30 people

Factory tours in Yokohama

(19) Reviews
Are you interested in the process of making beer or motors of vehicles? Let us visit the Nissan Motor Corporation and the beer factory of Kirin Company. In...
7h PHP 11,600 up to 5 people

Kanazawa half day tour

(16) Reviews
by Takashi
We visit Kenrokuen garden, Kanazawa castle park and Higashi Chaya Geisha district. We spend about one hour to visit many attractive points in the Gardens...
4h PHP 11,137 up to 15 people

Kanazawa one-day tour

(16) Reviews
by Takashi
During the Edo period ( for about 270 years), Kanazawa flourished as a castle town of the Kaga Clan. The lord Maedas , the second biggest lord after the To...
8h PHP 15,495 up to 15 people

Best Guides in Kanazawa



(12) Reviews
Born and having spent most of my life in Kanazawa, I went into the export business for a major high-speed and automatic loom maker, where I worked for 38 y...
PHP 2,663 Hourly rate


Hi, I am Yoshie. I am a national government licensed English speaking Guide. I used to work for multinational financial companies and served as an interpre...
PHP 1,985 Hourly rate


(12) Reviews
Hi! I'm Yukari. I'm a government licensed guide of Kanazawa city.(Kanazawa Visitor's Host) I'm originally born in Toyama.I had moved 2 times within Hoku...
PHP 1,840 Hourly rate


(7) Reviews
I am a government certificated tour guide. I love cooking, eating, meeting new people, discovering new culture, finding fresh seasonal dishes at hidden res...
PHP 2,276 Hourly rate


(48) Reviews
I am Kashima. I have gained the Government Licensed Tour Guide authorization in 2017/2. At first I had worked for one of biggest Electric Company in the w...
PHP 1,902 Hourly rate


(11) Reviews
Hello, I'm Yuichi, an English tour guide in Hokuriku region. If you are thinking about traveling to historical places such as Kanazawa, Shirakawa-go and ...
PHP 1,937 Hourly rate


(101) Reviews
Hello, I'm HIDEo YOSHIda. Please call me HIDEYOSHI, the same name as the famous shogun who built the Osaka Castle in 1585. I was born in Kobe and worke...
PHP 1,816 Hourly rate


The Hokuriku area is blessed with the beautiful nature surrounded by mountains and sea, as well as the delicious foods of agricultural and marine products ...
PHP 2,421 Hourly rate