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Hakone, one day trip from Tokyo

(13) Reviews

Hakone is one of the well-known hot spring resorts in Japan. It is located about 100 km southwest of Tokyo by one hour train riding. The attractions of Hakone are not only relaxing with hot springs but also breathtaking beautiful scenery such as snow capped Mt.Fuji, cruise at Ashinoko lake and r... read more

1 day $ 178 up to 5 people

One day -Highlights in Kamakura

(75) Reviews

Just take a train about one hour west, you encounter the beautiful scenery of ocean and hills. In this tour, I will meet you at your hotel in Tokyo and the tour will start! You don't to need to worry about the transportation from Tokyo to Kamakura. You can feel nice breeze from Yuigahama beach ... read more

by Yukiko
8h $ 285 up to 7 people

Selected one-day tour KAMAKURA Popular & Quiet 800 years old Samurai Capital

(10) Reviews

Kamakura, one hour from Tokyo station, thirty minutes from Yokohama, is the town where first Samurai capital flourished between 1185 and 1333. Under the feudal government populist Buddhism and Zen sect was spread. Many temples were built and various Buddha statues were crafted. This one day trip ta... read more

by Ryuta
6h $ 178 up to 4 people

Short Kamakura tour

(2) Reviews

I would like to help you understand the Japanese culture while we visit popular places in Kamakura. I will try to be flexible to meet your requests. Please just let me know where exactly you want to visit in the city. read more

by Hiroshi
5h $ 62 per person

Exploration of exciting port town, Yokohama

(43) Reviews

This tour covers my recommendations in Yokohama. First, let me know about your interests, and I'll make up an itinerary acoording to your preference. If you have other places you want to go, please ask me anything without hesitation.. read more

8h $ 303 up to 6 people


(5) Reviews

Kamakura was once the capital of Japan ruled by the Samurai from 1192 to 1439. Enoshima is a tied island near Kamakura with beautiful scenery. read more

by Masato
9h $ 280 up to 3 people

Mt. Fuji + Shinkansen

(5) Reviews

This tour covers very famous Hakone resort area, 100 km west of Tokyo, from some points of which you can see a beautiful Mt. Fuji. The one day ticket of all you can ride every transportation in the ares such as a cable car, a rope way, a bus and fantastic cruising by pirate ship on lake Ashinoko is ... read more

by Masato
9h $ 280 up to 3 people

Basic Kamakura/Enoshima Tour

(10) Reviews

Tokyo -> Kamakura -> Tsurugaoka Hachimangu -> Komachi Dori -> Enoden -> Kotokuin Great Buddha -> Hase Temple -> Enoshima Island -> Tokyo read more

by Kunio
9h $ 147 per person

Let's visit KAMAKURA's must-see places!

(4) Reviews

Visit Great Buddha, Hase Temple famous for Eleven-headed deity of mercy , and Tsurugaoka Hachiman shrine. If time allows, visit one more place, Kenchou-ji or Engaku-ji temple. read more

5h $ 134 up to 5 people

Kamakura, the Great Buddha and history walking

(12) Reviews

Kamaura was once the seat of Japan. The first military Shogunate Government was established here in Kamakura (1147-99). One of the landmarks of Kamakura is Daibutsu (the Great Buddha). Why don't we look at it and the other historic spots. Plus you can enjoy shopping. read more

by Akira
8h $ 244 up to 4 people

1 day tour to Yokohama & Kamakura - 2 Historic Cities for Eager Travelers

(16) Reviews

Yokohama and Kamakura are popular tourist destinations for one day tour from Tokyo. Each city can be reached within 40 minutes by a train from the other one. This tour takes you to the two cities which have quite different characters, catering to eager travelers who want to see and experience the ... read more

by Aki
8h $ 267 up to 4 people

Yokohama Sake Brewery Tour

(16) Reviews

Do you know sake? Called Nihonshu, or rice wine, sake has been consumed for many centuries as a popular alcoholic drink in Japan. This tour takes you to a Sake Brewery nestled in the west of Yokohama, suitable for those staying in Yokohama and Tokyo. read more

by Aki
4h $ 134 up to 4 people

Samurai Castle & Hanga(wood print) experience

(1) Reviews

09:00 Meet at your hotel rail travel to Odawara 10:30 Odawara Castle Japanese Samurai Castle with Castle Tower within a Day Trip Distance from Tokyo. 12:30 Lunch 13:30 rail travel to Fujisawa 14:00 Fujisawa Ukiyo-e Museum The new exhibition of Ukiyo... read more

8h $ 267 up to 6 people

Zen Temple and Samurai Castle

(1) Reviews

9:00 Meet you at your hotel. 9:30 Take Shinkansen to Odawara station, then visit Saijoji Temple. 11:00 Saijoji Temple 12:30 After Soba noodle lunch, we will move to the Yosegi-zaiku workshop in Hayakawa to make your own coaster. 13:30 Yosegi-zaiku workshop 15:00 Visit Odawara Castle. Ba... read more

8h $ 267 up to 6 people

Seafood,tea ceremony,Karate class visit and history!!!Hot spring resort(optional tour), too!

(1) Reviews

If you are interested in Japanese history, let's stroll around Ooiso Town to find the atmosphere of good old days in Japan. At lunch time, you can enjoy a variety of fish dishes freshly caught by the port at reasonable price. Let's walk along the seacoast viewing Mt. Fuji if the weather is clear. ... read more

by Kyomi
7h $ 80 up to 5 people

Hakone, fantastic art & relaxing hotspring resort!!!

(1) Reviews

Fully enjoy arts and hotspring in Hakone!!! It only takes 2 hours from Tokyo by train. Safety is secured and you can go everywhere except the only small regulated area around Oowakudani(大涌谷), which is not allowed to visit to avoid the possibility of eruption. All the Ropeway between Tougendai(桃源台... read more

by Kyomi
9h $ 178 up to 5 people

Delightful Yokohama One day

(2) Reviews

In this tour you will visit major Yokohama's hi-lighted places. After arriving at the starting point, mainly we will walk because most of places are not far from each other. You will see not only contemporary buildings but also historical buildings. You will enjoy harbor view with nice breeze. And ... read more

by Hiroshi
7h $ 178 up to 5 people

Odawara castle town tour

(13) Reviews

Odawara city is located south-west of Tokyo one and half hour train riding. There used to be more than 100 castles in warring time of Japan, but few castles are extant. Together with Osaka,Nagoya and Himeji castle, Odawara is so popular. It was led by a famous and clever warlord, named Hojo-Soun.... read more

1 day $ 178 up to 5 people

Seaside Walking Tour around the Imperial Villa in Hayama

(2) Reviews

Hayama Town in the Miura Peninsula is located in the south of Tokyo and next to Kamakura. It is famous as a quiet seaside resort with the Imperial Villa. It is blessed with beautiful nature and mild climate. The splendid view of bright ocean, open blue sky and green hills welcome visitors. Hayama ha... read more

by Yu
4h $ 119 up to 4 people

BEST view walking KAMAKURA Popular & Quiet 800 years old Samurai Capital

(10) Reviews

Kamakura, one hour from Tokyo station, thirty minutes from Yokohama, is the town where first Samurai capital flourished between 1185 and 1333. Under the feudal government populist Buddhism and Zen sect was spread. Many temples were built and various Buddha statues were crafted.  This one day trip t... read more

by Ryuta
7h $ 312 up to 4 people

Enjoy Great Kamakura!

(2) Reviews

On this tour, we will visit some popular spots in Kamakura: Kotokuin Temple (Great Buddha), Tsurugaokahachimangu Shrine, Hokokuji Temple (Bamboo garden), Engakuji Temple, Zeniaraibenzaiten Shrine, etc. We will also enjoy shopping and museums. read more

by Yu
6h $ 178 up to 4 people

Yokohama in a day

(8) Reviews

Yokohama is a great stopover place. It is the second largest city in Japan but it has such a different character compared to Tokyo.  I will show you mainly the Minato Mirai area, the beautiful city's seaside urban area along with traditional tea ceremony with great Yokohama bay view! read more

by Yuka
6h $ 223 up to 5 people

Japan Open Air Folk House Museum & Shinjuku's Twilight View

(1) Reviews

Japan Open Air Folk House Museum (Nihon Minkaen) in Kawasaki is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It has 25 folk houses, water mills & a stage collected from all over Japan. After approximately thirty-minute train ride and fifteen-minute walk, we could timeslip to the old days of Japan, ... read more

by Yoko
6h $ 107 up to 5 people

Let's cook together!

I'm making a tour plan for you. First, we'll start at Ikuta Park which is surrounded by many trees, plants and flowers. And there are some great museums nearby for us to visit: Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum, Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum, Taro Okamoto Museum of Art Kawasaki, Traditional Cr... read more

10h $ 178 up to 4 people

Half day Enoshima Island Tour

Enoshima is one of the famous scenic sightseeing spots in Japan. From the observation lighthouse, you can enjoy 360 degree panaoramic view, and you can see Mt. Fuji close at hand. At Enoshima Garden, you can enjoy many beautiful flowers and plants in all seasons. Natural caves on southern cliff ca... read more

by Makoto
5h $ 187 up to 5 people

Ancient City of "SAMURAI"- kamakura Private Walking Tour

Kamakura is one of the most historical cities in Japan. The warlord Minamoto Yoritomo took power from the imperial court in Kyoto and founded the first Samurai government in Kamakura in the late 12th century. Since then, the center of Japanese politics was moved to Kamakura from Kyoto. STILL NOW, yo... read more

by Hiro
4h $ 178 up to 5 people

Shrine,Temple and Castle in a day

9:00 meet at Isehara st. on Odakyu line [or 8:30 meet at Odawara st.] take a taxi to Oyama cable car 10:00 visit Oyama Afuri shrine 11:30 take a Odakyu train from Isehara to Odawara 12:00 lunch time 13;00 take a local train to Daiyuzan st. 14:00 vist Daiyuzan Saijoji Temple 15:00 back... read more

by Kiyoshi
8h $ 267 up to 5 people

Panoramic View from Enoshima

Enoshima Island is located about 50 km southwest of Tokyo, and it will be the sailing venue for the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. You can enjoy 360° panoramic view from the observation deck. You can also visit Enoshima shrine, Benzaiten or caves associated with a dragon legend. Of course you can jus... read more

5h $ 45 per person

Half day sightseeing in Enoshima

Enoshima is located about an hour from Tokyo. It's very scenic island which connect to the land by a bridge. It has been popular even from Edo period especialy for pilgrimages. Now there are many toursits, fishermen, locals thorughout year. There are three Shinto shrines. They enshrine the dieties w... read more

by Mika
4h $ 62 up to 6 people

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