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shailendra Shailendra United States ( Friends )
3 weeks ago

“ Really Kind and Patient Guide ”

Yosura San was our guide for 2 days in Tokyo and 1 day on our trip to Hakone and Mt. Fuji area. We were 3 couples all with slightly different personalities, 5 of us were vegetarians and Yosura was able to balance all our needs. He helped us find vegeterian food, he took numerous pics, waited patiently when we took extra time at certain attractions and found a way to still show us all the major sights of Tokyo and Hakone area. He was not our guide for Kamakura but still gave us good pointers for Kamakura. What stood out to us was his thoughtfulness, on the trip to Hakone he bought Veg. Sandwiches for all of us without asking. We are glad we had him with us on this trip, made our life so much easier.


Dear Mr. Shailendra, Thank you very much for your affectionate comment on my service for you. It was my good experience to guide you those 3 days. Especially I will not forget the scene when you found Mt. Fuji thorough the window of our gondola. It was my really great pleasure as a tour guide to see all of you were so exited and looked so happy at that time. So, please take care of yourselves as your tour in Japan is still going on. Wishing all of you a pleasant journey. Thank you again. Yasuro

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