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2 years ago , From: Greece

Experienced KENDO for the first time, thanks to Mayumi and her assistant who are very well informed and excellent athletes made it really interesting and fun. Very well organized with pick and return service, easy contact and both Mayumi and her assistant speak very good English. Thank you Mayumi for a wonderful experience!!!

Hello George, Thank you very much for your review in such busy days. I'm really happy to receive it. Did you find good Kendo Dojo in Greece,yet ? Both you and your friend were better Kendo performers than any other students I had before. So no wonder you'd like to start to practice it in your home country. We'd like to meet you who will turn stronger performers someday again ! Please come to my session again with your friends. Thank you so much. Mayumi

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Duration: 2h



2 months ago , ( Family ) , From: United Kingdom

“ A wonderful experience, well worth the price. ”

This Kendo Experience is brilliant, we can not recommend it enough. Mayumi and her assistant ensured the lesson was insightful, practical and most importantly, a lot of fun. She picked us up from the station and dropped us off, her correspondence before hand was perfect and we were well prepared in advance. The kit you use is of the highest quality, the gymnasium was more than big enough and Mayumi is a fantastic teacher. There's nothing that we would have changed about this experience, it was simply wonderful. If you are in the area, DO IT!

Hello Max, Thank you so much for your review ! I'm really happy to receive it and to know you recommend my session to future guests. As I wrote my blog, I was moved to hear this was a surprise present for your wife, so I hope I fully helped you.Your family were so lovely, of course you and your wife performed kendo very well, so both of us were pleased to give you teaching. Even your father and mother seemed to remember how to pull out samurai swords!! Really enjoyable for us as well. I hope your family will have a wonderful time like polite samurai in your country. Thank you again. Mayumi

3 months ago , ( Business ) , From: United States

“ A truly wonderful Kendo Experience ”

I have fought medieval great sword for 15 years. I wanted to experience the eastern styles and techniques. This class allowed for that. This is not just swinging a stick around for a couple of hours. You walk through the history and tradition of the Samurai. You then learn the foot work followed by the sword work. You get to do live practice with instruction followed by match play. I was even “allowed” to win one. I took a couple of employees to this and would recommend this as a unique group event.

Hello Louis, Thank you so much for your reviews. I'm really happy to hear you had a fun and felt the spirit of samurai. You got the hang of it so quickly, performing it very well. Especially, you got a point by hitting the assistant's head with exact precision during the match. I think it's because you already had a your own style and techniques. I was moved to get the coin you made. What a nice one !! Culture is different from country to country, through my session, we understood cross-cultural experience, didn't we ? That was so fun for me as well. Thank you again. Mayumi

6 months ago , From: Cyprus

When we decided that we will visit Japan this summer we wanted to do something more than the normal tourist things. So that lead to Master Mayumi and "Kendo Experience 〜why not experience the martial arts of the samurai ! 〜" We were a team of four - three teenagers and me (the dad). My wife was designated photographer. All three boys have been studying other forms of martial arts for a few years. So moving to the actual experience. We were met by Mayumi and her assistant. Both spoke very good in English. We were then taken to the Gym where we were provided with the appropriate Kendo suits and Gear. As a show of the care and professionalism shown all the gear were in good condition and had the correct fit for all of us. As a first step we got a brief introduction of the background, and philosophy behind Kendo. Then Mayumi and Go demonstrated the main moves and did a show match. Then us the students went into practicing some basic moves and learning three of the four techniques demonstrated. Before long we were running a small tournament with the boys with Master Mayumi and her assistant taking turns as referees. Exciting, exhausting, fun, full adrenaline... What a great experience!!! It was exhilarating!!! Clearly one of the most memorable ones we have had in Japan so far. We called it our "Full Immersion experience of Japan"!!! Highly recommended. Thank you Mayumi and Go!

Hello Symeon, Thank you very much for your quick review. I and Go are really happy to hear all of you had a fun in my session, especially the last match held by you and the oldest son Christforos was wonderful !! Both showed pretty good fighting spirit and bravely faced each other, so we were really impressed. I'll write the blog shortly, posting some cool photos, and send you the other ones to your email address later. I hope you'll have much more wonderful experience while traveling in Japan such as Mt.Fuji, Kyoto or Osaka. Please come back again ! Thank you so much. Mayumi

9 months ago , From: Australia

Mayumi's Kedo class was the best. A great way to dive into Japanese culture and life. This is a full on accelerated Kendo experience wich quickly shows you the basics and then gets you involved with the class. All equipment provided. You'll love it.

Hello Svend, thank you very much for your commens.I'm really happy to have them and to share a wonderful time with your family together. During the lesson, you all were practicing Kendo so hard, especially your daughter got the hang of it so quickly, and performed pretty well. Your yell was great as well, so looked like real samurai ! Kendo is one of great martial arts in Japan, so I think it was a good opportunity to immerse you in Japanese culture, above all the spirit of samurai. I'm a little bit worried you got exhausted, because your face was dripping with sweat... Thank you so much for coming my session. I'll send some photos your email address later, well I completely forgot asking you whether I can post your photos on Triplelights website. Can I ? Mayumi

10 months ago , From: Australia

The Kendo experience offered by Mayumi-san along with her Kendo partner, Go-san (sorry if I speeled wrong), was a great way to learn of not only Kendo as a sport but also the history and meaning behind what Kendo is. From the moment Mayumi-san picked us up from the meeting point she was trying to immerse us in the culture and history behind Yokohama and its port. how it became a trade hub which opened Japan up to the rest of the world. Once we arrived at the dojo studio, we got dressed in proper Kendo gear and briefed on what Kendo is, how it came about and proper etiquette. Then we went into how to begin a match (or duel if you like) with the proper customs and procedures and the main techniques used by Kendo experts. After practicing some techniques for a bit, and guidance from Mayumi-san and Go-san we were thrust into battle and a match between me and my friend which was so much fun and much harder than expected. If you are looking for more than just a quick tour where you just swing some bamboo swords around then this is the one for you. A truly wholesome experience offered by Mayumi-san. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this on my first trip to Japan and having the patience to teach such a bad student such as myself haha. Phillip.

Hello Phillip, Thank you for your reviews of my session. You were not a bad student, really deligent, hitting the target so cool. I'm so sorry to be late for posting some excellent photos, because I've continued to work as a guide to go to Mt. Fuji, now is the busiest season of the year . Anyway I'll quickly write my blog of our kendo experience. I'm really happy to see you and your friend enjoyed it and you have a good memory.(my assistant's name is correct ! ) The population in the world is now 7 billion,so I think it's a kind of miracle we met there ! I hope you'll come back to Japan and see you someday again in Yokohama City. Thank you so much ! PS: I wonder if you succeeded in finding the ramen shop in Yokohama haha. Mayumi


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