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Private tour  "My favorite Kamakura"

(10) ulasan
by Mitsuru
KAMAKURA! What a perfect place to escape from daily bustlness. The town famous for zen-buddhism and as the first de-facto capital ever established by samu...
8h $ 262 Maksimal sampai 8 people

Kamakura full enjoyment tour of fantastic scenic, historical...

(48) ulasan
This tour include the "Daibutsu" the traditional Japanese craftsmanship skill applied, Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine whose deity is the founder of the Kamakur...
10h $ 375 Maksimal sampai 8 people

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I came to Japan at the year of 2000 to work as a software engineer, and kept continuing my career in the IT and banking industry until the year of 2011. I ...
$ 33 Biaya per jam

Mobil & Jasa Antar Pribadi Kamakura

Kamakura sightseeing with a private chartered van and free w...

(103) ulasan
You can plan to visit several places around Kamakura within a limited time with our van. Our commuter can accommodate a group of up to 18 people and our se...
9h $ 796

Private tour to Kamakura & Enoshima with Driver

(1) ulasan
Take a break from the fast-paced life of Tokyo and journey back to the ancient capital of Japan, Kamakura, which is home to the Samurai. Get a taste of the...
9h $ 552 Maksimal sampai 9 people

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Zen Garden and Tea Ceremony

Visit zen gardens and a tea ceremony room in a temple of east Kamakura. You also can see several Buddhist statues.
3h $ 135

Kamakura Cycling Full Day Tour with Private Guide

Let's enjoy the touring in this charming town Kamakura by bicycle! Kamakura is one of the old capital of Japan, with rich history & nature. This tour cover...
8:30h $ 374

Make Japanese Bento (lunch box) in Kamakura

by M&M
In our 2-hour lesson, we demonstrate how to make typical Japanese dishes for BENTO (lunch box) including tamagoyaki (omelet),octopus shaped sausage, Kamaku...
2h $ 39 per person

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