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Hello! I'm Eri. I'm originally from Iwate prefecture, and now I live in Fujisawa city, a popular seaside resort close to Kamakura. I've been guiding overseas tourists around Kamakura for several years. I really enjoy meeting people from all over the...

Response time: 29 min
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$ 26.40
5 29 min English ( License ) ‎$ 26.40


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Hello , my future guests . My name is Kahoko . I live in Tokyo over 30 years with my family , one husband and two kids . I used to work in an airline as a cabin attendant . Naturally , I may have visited your countries myself as you do now . I c...

Response time: 3 hs
Hourly rate
$ 35.20
7 3 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 32.02


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Hi, I’m Riko. I’m a national certified tour guide. I have been living in Tokyo more than 30 years, so I could say that I know Tokyo like the palm of my hand. I love showing visitors the best this city has to offer. With me you will discover so many...

Response time: 11 hs
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$ 39.60
2 11 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 33.00


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Hello, I'm Yoko. I was born and brought up in Ashikaga, Tochigi prefecture (80 km north from Tokyo) and I've lived in Tokyo for more than 20 years. I love traveling, both overseas and inside Japan. After I visited other countries and saw many local ...

Response time: 6 hs
Hourly rate
$ 30.62
7 6 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 30.62


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Hi I'm Yuka! I'm a Japanese native that lived in Chicago for 5 years in my youth and came back to Japan at the age of 12. I studied Japanese culture, especially folklore, in University. My thesis was about Sumo jinku (the songs Sumo wrestlers sing o...

Response time: 14 hs
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$ 44.00
4 14 hs English ( License ) ‎$ 39.86
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