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Kamakura Highlights Tours

  • Best Memories of Kamakura

    (269) Reviews
    by Yuki
    Kamakura used to the capital of Japan during 12th to 14th century. It was the first period governed by the samurai warriors; Shoguns.Since samurai practice...
    8h US$ 252 up to 5 people
  • Flowers in Kamakura: The Great Buddha, Hasedera Temple, and ...

    (69) Reviews
    by Yoko
    Kamakura is a very healing city, which became the capital of Samurai at the end of the 12th century, and has a lot of temples where we can see lovely flowe...
    8h US$ 249 up to 5 people
  • My favorite Kamakura!

    (48) Reviews
    by Eiko
    I've been a guide of Kamakura for a long time, having noticed that the nature adds an extra tastes to the peaceful atomosphere of temples and shrines in Ka...
    7h US$ 207 up to 4 people

Kamakura Nature & Outdoor Tours

  • Kamakura Hiking Tour of Great Buddha Trail

    (14) Reviews
    by Shizuko
    There are several nice Hiking-Trails in Kamakura. Great Buddha trail is one of them.Let's walk on a trail and feel the nature of Kamakura !Kamakura was ...
    7h US$ 257 up to 6 people
  • Kamakura flower tour

    (25) Reviews
    by RIEKO
    Let us enjoy viewing seasonal flowers in an ancient capital of Japan. You can enjoy magnificent sceneries combined with beautiful flowers and temples.
    8h US$ 270 up to 5 people
  • Bamboo Temple, Sugimoto Temple, and three other attractive s...

    (34) Reviews
    by Eri
    Once the samurai capital of Japan, Kamakura is visited by as many as 20 million people a year. Some of the most popular spots among visitors are Tsurugaoka...
    6h US$ 193 up to 5 people

Kamakura Day Trip

  • Kamakura Joyful 8 hour-tour from Tokyo

    (28) Reviews
    by Yasuro
    Starting from your hotel at 9:00 we will in 1 hour time arrive at Kamakura where there are historical temples, shrines and a great Buddha statue surrounded...
    8h US$ 198 up to 6 people
  • Kahoko's Excursion from Tokyo to Kamakura

    (205) Reviews
    by KAHOKO
    Welcome to Kamakura with dozens of temples and shrines~ a legacy of its glory days as Japanese first feudal capital (1192~1333). 8:30Meeting at the place ...
    8h US$ 310 up to 5 people
  • True Kamakura one-day customized tour

    (12) Reviews
    by Toru
    Kamakura is a cozy seaside city with many historical sites and it's just one hour train-ride from Tokyo. It is a very important city in the Japanese his...
    8h US$ 180

Kamakura Unique Experience Tours

Kamakura Art & Culture Tours

  • Enjoy Japanese culture in Kamakura

    (48) Reviews
    by Eiko
    This tour offers you traditional Japanese culture; tea ceremony and calligraphy at master senseis’ own place!! It is highly recommend to add this tour to y...
    3h US$ 92 up to 5 people
  • Kita-Kamakura Tour-experiencing the culture of Zen Buddhism

    by HARUO
    This tour takes you to historical sites in Kita(northern)-Kamakura, letting you enjoy the traditional culture of Zen Buddhism and seasonal natural beauty i...
    5h US$ 135 up to 4 people
  • Kamakura "Zen Culture" Finding Tour

    (11) Reviews
    by Hiro
    Do you know a Japanese word, "Bushido" or samurai spirit? Its origin was in Kamakura. About 800 years ago, Kamakura was the capital of Japan. The leader of...
    8h US$ 239 up to 5 people

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