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Yulia Yulia Russian Federation ( Friends )
3 months ago

“ Beautiful Kamakura ”

On May 29th of 2019 we (the group of 6 people from Russia and USA) booked the trip to Kamakura with Eri. Our meeting pount was at Kamakura Station. There were a lot of people as usual at the station, but we recognized Eri immediately as she was wearing beatiful kimono and desperately looking to find our group. That was so nice, elegant, unusual that we understood from the start that our tour will be great. Eri was extremely interesting narrator, she told us many interesting facts about Kamakura and Japan in general. She was willing to answer all our questions, even the stupid ones. Eri helped us to organise a very fast traditional luch as this was our requiremet in order to come back to Tokyo in time. Everyone from our group have enjoyed time with Eri and we are very thankful for her for that. She is a great professional and a very nice person. Thank you, Eri !


Dear Yulia, Thank you so much for such a great review! It was a little chilly on our tour day, however everyone of your group was so cheerful that I felt warm inside from the moment I met you all. It was a lot of fun to help you get green tea at a shop on Komachi-dori shopping street and to explain how to make greentea in the bus on our way to Great Buddha. You were great listners! And we enjoyed this simple, hot buckwheat noodle with only chopped green onion on top, which we ordered because it was the fastest to be served at busy lunch time. And it turned out quite right to save the time. I remember many more fun moments with you during the tour. It was great meeting you all and I hope you are enjoying a nice cup of greentea! Best wishes, Eri

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