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Andrew Andrew Australia ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Wonderful introduction to Kamakura ”

My wife Sandra and I spent a great day in Kamakura with Eri. She knows Kamakura inside out and she clearly loves it, which was apparent from the way she showed many of its highlights to us. Eri met us at the station dressed in a beautiful kimono which was a delightful touch. The tour designed for us took us to several temples around Kamakura and her explanations of the history and significance of each of these places were interesting and helpful to our understanding. Eri went out of her way to assist us with things that were of interest to us. We enjoyed a delicious lunch in a lovely vegetarian restaurant that Eri especially chose for us so we could experience some of the local cuisine. She is particularly good at putting you at ease and at providing information to match your level of knowledge about Japan and Kamakura in particular. We very much enjoyed our experience with guide Eri and would not hesitate to recommend her to others visiting Kamakura. --- We had another great day with Eri on October 15 after having spent the day with her previously in Kamakura in February. This time we met at Kita Kamakura station and she took us first to the impressive Zen temple Engakuji with its serene surroundings . She even showed us the grave of the renowned film director Yasujiro Ozu (Tokyo Story etc). We then went to the very peaceful Megetsuin temple with its lovely garden, even though the hydrangeas had finished blooming, with many birds among the plants and it's resident rabbits and famous viewing window. Then to small but scary Ennoji (known as Hell temple) before a delicious lunch in a restaurant near Kamakura station. In the afternoon we caught the wonderful Enoden line train along the coast to Enoshima where we visited the three shrines on the island dedicated to each of three sisters. We tasted interesting takosenbei fresh octopus crackers and some delicious red bean mochi. Eri then to escorted us, tired and happy, all the way to Fuijisawa station and waved us goodbye on our train to Tokyo. Once again Eri proved to be a very considerate and knowledgeable guide. Most importantly she was great company and fun to spend the day with. Having spent two days with Eri eight months apart we now feel like old friends.


Dear Andrew, Thank you so much for writing such a great review for my site!! I'm most glad to know how you enjoyed the tour with Sandra. We were very lucky, were'nt we? The weather was perfect and there were a lot to see on our way to places, the red Japanese apricot at Egara Tenjin Shrine, the wintersweets planted here and there in the residential areas, and we could even enjoy winter peonies all in full bloom at Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine, not to mention the peaceful bamboo garden and Great Buddha! I hope you'll long remember the day in Kamakura as one of the best memories of your stay in Japan. Sincerely, Eri

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