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Customer Reviews for Kamakura Tours

    Daisy ( United States )

    We had a very good time with Tomoko. Tomoko is very knowledgeable about Japanese culture. She made sure to show us all the places in Kamakura even thought it took more of her time. She is very kind and if I have a chance to come back to Japan, I will definitely ask her to be my tour guide again. view more

    Gerard ( Netherlands )

    Shoji's tour of the Historic Kamakura was excelent. Being unfamiliar with traveling in Japan, Shoji picked me up from my hotel in Tokyo. We then traveled by public transport to Kamakura. He was friendly, very knowledgeable, and did his best to give me the best possible tour. It was excelent!! view more

    Joel ( Belgium )

    We did a one day private excursion with Tomoko to Kamakura from Tokyo. The first thing we noticed is that our guide is a very friendly person by nature. Very social also. The tour was organised to perfection and she took very well care of us. We did a nice nature walk and visited some small shrines and a big one. Tomoko followed up the weather report in detail and adapted our schedule so that we could do everything before the rain came. We recommend this guide who speaks well English also. Joël... view more

    Julie ( United States )

    Junko provided a spectacular tour of Kamakura, being careful ahead of time to clarify what exact places we wanted to visit. While she had a list of suggested places, she was very open to our ideas. For example, when we requested to have lunch a particular restaurant (highly recommended on Tripadvisor), Junko made reservations for us. She was very warm and likable, organized, and helpful with providing the historical details of Buddhism and Shintoism. Junko was very good with our 14 year old ... view more

    ALFONSO ( Australia )

    Very good. Helpful and knowledgeable. Navigated us around efficiently. We saw a lot of interesting sights on our limited time. Highly recommended view more

    Amanda ( United States )

    My friend and I wanted to do some sightseeing outside of Tokyo during the last couple of days of our trip. After consulting with Yoko, we selected a day trip to Kamakura as Nikko would be too busy during the Kouyo (leaf changing) season. Neither of us had visited Kamakura before, so we were hoping to see some places that we couldn’t see by researching the city online prior to our visit. Yoko-san did not disappoint in this area. She was very knowledgeable about the area and the shrines we v... view more

    Lewis ( United States )

    We have spent five wonderful days with Michiko seeing as much of Japan as we could each day. We learned how to navigate the subway system. Michiko taught us the “ Japanese Weave “—how to move forward in the crowded underground subway corridors. That skill proved invaluable getting from point A to point B. One highlight of our various tours was a visit to the Bonsai Museum. Michiko is a member of the Bonsai Academy and an accomplished bonsai artist who explained everything about this art form. I ... view more

    CECILIO ( Mexico )

    Un grupo de 6 amigos, 2 americanas y 4 mexicanos, pasamos un día con Toshi como nuestro guía, a fin de conocer Kamakura. El plan aprobado fue cumplido desde las 9:00 hrs hasta las 6:00 pm. Nuestra visita fue muy satisfactoria, llenándose las expectativas, por lo que lo recomendamos ampliamente. view more

    Diana ( Colombia )

    Tuvimos una experiencia muy agradable con Mitsuru, su español es lo suficientemente bueno para permitir una adecuada comunicación durante el tour. Se ofreció amablemente a tomar las fotos del grupo durante el día y estuvo abierto a cambiar el itinerario de acuerdo a nuestras preferencias, incluso incluyó una breve visita a Yokohama. Sin duda volvería a tomar el tour con Mitsuru y no dudo en recomendarlo a todos los hispanos que quieran tomarlo. Sin duda fue encontrar en Japón alguien con conocim... view more

    Sharon ( United States )

    We had a wonderful day with Eri! She is so well prepared and knowledge able about the area and its history. We had a terrific time-it was just like taking a tour with a good friend. She was extremely easy to understand and communicate with. She is also flexible and willing to make additions or changes as the day progresses. You cannot go wrong if you choose her as your guide. view more

    Larry ( United States )

    Tak could not have packed more information and sights into our day. He provides answers to every question and interjects much into the history of the Kamakura area. He is extremely personal and very energetic but carefully watched to make sure the pace he was setting was the correct one. He provided detailed information on the transportation from our hotel in Tokyo to the meeting place in Kita-Kamakura. view more

    Serafin ( Japan )

    very efficient ,comfortable. view more