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Customer Reviews for Kamakura Tours

    Jocelyn ( Philippines )

    Jun was an excellent tour guide. He’s very kind, accommodating & patient in answering all our inquiries. We had a great time and learned so much about the history of Kamakura & Kawagoe. view more

    Jill ( United States )

    We had a terrific day with the best guide, Tomoko!!! She was kind, knowledgeable, fun and knew exactly how to navigate the cities. Tomoko is a great guide but we have found a new friend for life in her in Japan. We are a mom and 2 college age sons and loved every minute with Tomoko. We can’t wait to come back and visit new places with her. Best decision we made was hiring Tomoko! view more

    Rema ( United States )

    Our day with Hiro was amazing! We had a full day with Hiro. He picked us at our hotel and was on time. We couldn't have done this trip without him. He was very thourogh, thoughtful, and knowledgeable He knew exactly where to take us and gave us suggestions on what to eat. Where to go and how to use the metro. If you are looking for someone, look no further, Hiro would be the guide you need to call without any hesitation. He is the Best!!!!!! Thank you Hiro. Looking forward to seeing you ag... view more

    Francisca ( Spain )

    We went to Kamakura 1 hour from Tokyo by train to see the great Budah what a amazing and beautiful place very clean village with small shops and restaurants you can spend some hours there Toshihiro had a lot a patience whit us we travel with or 11 year daughter that ask lost of questions he explaind her the meanig of things so she could understand them the Budah is huge and very well conserved for a small fee you can go inside it . Than we headed to Enoshina island only 20 min by tr... view more

    Parbhat ( United States )

    We had Junko as our guide on December 6th and 7th .This was the best decision we made as Junko took us all over Tokyo,showed all the important sights.She is very organized and pleasant.We had a wonderful time and would strongly recommend her. view more

    Diane ( Viet Nam )

    We had a 12 hour layover in Japan (HND) and didn't want to spend it sitting in the airport, so we researched available tours and found Triplelight to have excellent reviews. We picked T-chan as a potential guide based on excellent reviews and a humorous video she had posted to her profile. We were right! T-chan arranged a perfect tour for us. We were able to get out of the city and see some of Japan's beautiful temples, eat delicious food and take advantage of all the excellent modes of publ... view more

    Dominic ( United States )

    Yoko was very helpful and informative throughout. She was detailed in how to get tickets ahead of time and where to meet for going to Nikko, she picked an excellent lunchspot and tailored the trip to exactly what I was interested in. She had the timing down perfectly to realistically say what could be seen and then keep us on schedule. In Kamakura she also tailored the trip well and organized the schedule around buses so everything ran smoothly. She even went above and beyond when back in To... view more

    Beatrice ( Philippines )

    Tomoko san was prompt in meeting us in our hotel lobby. Prior to that she wAs very thorough in explaining the site where we plan to visit. She was accomodating , cheerful and never tired in answering all the wiestions thrown to her . One thing that stands out from Tomoko san character is her sense of humor and her genuine character. Not just a tour also a fun time discovering things . view more

    Mandy ( United States )

    Yuki is a wonderful, warm, and very knowledgeable tour guide. He took us on a day trip to the historical coastal town of Kamakura which is a village dating back to Yoritomo’s shogunate government in 1192. Kamakura lies amid wooded hills filled with ancient Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Yuki took us to see the amazing Great Buddha, beautiful Hasedera Temple, and the Hokokuji Temple with an interesting serene bamboo garden. Along the way Akira told us history and stories of the temples and ... view more

    Mayank ( United States )

    Eiko-san is awesome. We learned so much about Japan, Japanese culture, customs and the people in our two days with her. This will sound like a cliche after reading her other reviews, but at the end of the second day it was truly like being shown around by a family member. She’s thoughtful about your objectives, needs and requirements as a touring party. We highly recommend her. Eiko-san, arigatogozaimashita! view more

    Stanton ( United States )

    Nobu was a terrific guide and she showed us a lot in a short amount of time. She was really nice and friendly and knew how to maneuver around. view more

    Phing ( Singapore )

    Through my emails with Eiko, i thought of her as a warm and thoughtful person. True enough, when we met her this morning , she was friendly and warm. She was professional and thoughtful and was able to tell us about the history of Kamakura and answer the questions that we had. Our journeys on the trains and buses were not boring maybe because we are all women and we had lots to talk about. We enjoyed the sights that Eiko brought us to see and the shopping street that we walked through to try som... view more