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World Heritage Hiraizumi, Genbikei Gorge...

(9) Reviews
by Nobu
7h $ 347 up to 5 people

Kakunodate Samurai District and Lake Taz...

(1) Reviews
by Akiko
6h $ 300 up to 8 people

SAKE brewery and Chuson-ji, Hiraizumi

(1) Reviews
by Yuko
5h $ 178 up to 5 people

Geibi-kei Gorge, Enjoy a boat trip and m...

(1) Reviews
by Yuko
5h $ 160 up to 5 people

Rocky Genbi-Kei Gorge and Takkoku-no-Iw...

(1) Reviews
by Yuko
6h $ 214 up to 5 people

World Heritage Hiraizumi

(1) Reviews
by Tamada
4h $ 312 up to 10 people

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